Procession of chariots marks Indra Jatra festivities

The chariot procession of the living goddess Kumari, lord Ganesha and lord Bhairav started in core city areas of Kathmandu on 13 September 2109.

On the occasion, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari visited Basantapur Durbar Square and attended the celebration of Indra Jatra festival, marked by worshipping the living goddess. The president offered bheti to lord Ganesh and lord Bhairav, and received prasad from the priest.

Chariot procession is one of the most important events during the Indra Jatra festival, which falls on Bhadra Shukla Chaturdashi as per Nepali calendar. The eight-day festival is celebrated to honour Indra, the king of heaven and god of rain and harvest, as per Hindu mythology. Indra Jatra represents culture, history and legends of Kathmandu valley. The chariot procession was accompanied by different traditional cultural pageants and dances.

The festival officially began on September 10 by erecting a ceremonial pole, Indradhoj Linga at Basantapur Durbar Square. The chariot procession of living goddess Kumari marks special importance during the festival. Chariots carrying Kumari, Ganesh and Bhairav are pulled through the southern part of the city.

A large crowd gathered at Basantapur 13 Sep. 2019 to express reverence to goddess Kumari.

Family members of the deceased, who passed away in the last one year, lit butter lamps and incense along the processional route. The chariot procession will continue till September 17, the final day of the festival.

Foreign dignitaries invited by Kathmandu Metropolitan City attended the festival as special guests. Mayors, deputy mayors and office-bearers of civic bodies from 10 countries arrived to observe the festival.

News by The Himalayan Times in print on September 14, 2019 of The Himalayan Times.

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