Bhutan is the land of the peaceful Dragon, lies in a hidden corner high in the eastern Himalaya, sandwiched between Tibet to the north and the Indian states of Sikkim to the west, Assam to the south and Arunachal Pradesh to the east. The country within these borders forms a giant staircase, from the grassy floodplains and reverie forests in the south through semi tropical and alpine forests to some of the highest un-climbed Himalayan peaks on earth.

Most of the population continues to live in small, isolated farms and hamlets surrounded by terraced fields of rice and cereal crops. At higher altitudes, in isolated valleys, people still live in tents woven from yak-hair, spending part of the year in alpine pastures, grazing their livestock. Much of Bhutan is still covered in thick forest, which sustains a wealth of plant and bird life. Above the tree line, the country is wild and rugged; the mountains are largely unexplored and offer some of the best trekking in the Himalayas.

Cut off for centuries from its neighbors due to its inaccessibility, a visit to Bhutan is much like a journey backwards through time, to a mystical place untouched by the ravages of mankind's progress the Last Shangri-La, because of its remoteness, it's spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and its unique ancient Buddhist monasteries. It's relatively unexplored pockets of Asia, which allows only a limited number of discerning travelers to enter the country with special travel visa permits.

Bhutan’s isolation has resulted in its culture and traditions remaining much the same for many hundreds of years. Our weekly departure allows you to experience the stunning, beautiful alpine valley flanked by steep slopes and terraced pastures dotted with temples. Although travelers are most welcome here, the number of tourists entering Bhutan is restricted and the kingdom has managed to remain nearly untouched by outside influence, with its religion, architecture, environment and lifestyle much the same as they have been for centuries.

Travelers’ to Bhutan will experience the enchantment of a pure and exotic land, through its ancient fortresses, monasteries and temples, with their imposing architecture and superb art that dot the countryside. Bhutan is endowed with breathtaking natural beauty, surrounded by sacred mountains, virgin peaks and holy lakes. Bhutan is definitely one of the world's most exclusive tourist destinations.

The Bhutanese calendar is marked by many 'Techs' or festivals, eagerly awaited events made special with vivid and colorful masked dances, folk dances and religious allegorical plays, set in the cobbled courtyards of the numerous Dzongs and in this ancient and traditional land, it seems fitting that archery is still the Bhutan national sport.