Festivals and Events date in Nepal


Name of the festival: Mata Tirtha Snan
When: April / May (Baisakh)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: Mother's Day
Place of celebration: all over Nepal

Name of the festival: Buddha Jayanti
When: Jestha Purnima (Full moon night-May/June)
Duration: 1 day
Birthday of Lord Buddha
Place of celebration: Specially, in Buddhist people/birthplace of Buddha Lumbini

Name of the festival: Janai Purnima / Khumbeshwor Mela Patan 
When: August (Shrawan Bhadra full moon night)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: Sacred Thread ties by Hindu 
Place of celebration: Gosaikunda / Khumbeshwor Kathmandu or all Hindus Siva Temple

Name of the festival: Gaijatra 
When: Bhadra (August-September)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: The procession of cows (worship God of death Yamraj) 
Place of celebration: Kathmandu Valley / Hindus people all round Nepal

Name of the festival: Shree Krishna Janmastami
When: Bhadra (August/September)
Duration: 1 night
Meaning: birthdate of Lord Sri Krishna
Place of celebration: All over Krishna Temple

Name of the festival: Gokarna Aunsi 
When: Bhadra or in August or in early September
Duration: 1 day 
Meaning: Father's Day / Kuse Aunsi
Place of celebration: Gorkarna in Kathmandu / all Hindus people

Name of the festival: Teej Ko Darkhane Din 
When: Bhadra (August/September)
Duration: 1 night, 2 days 
Meaning: fasting festival for women
Place of celebration:/ All round Nepal Hindus/Buddhist women

Name of the festival: Indrajatra 
When: Bhadra (August/September)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: worship God of heaven
Place of celebration: Kathmandu/ Both Hindus and Buddhists

Name of the festival: Dashain Holidays
When: Ashwoj/ Kartik (September and October)
Duration: 15 days 
Meaning: biggest, longest and the most auspicious festival
Place of celebration: All round Nepal, Hindus/Buddhist

Name of the festival: Tihar Holidays 
When: Kartik (October/November)
Duration: 5 days
Meaning: worship Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth/Lighting / animal worship/ brother-sister Place of celebration: all round Nepal, Hindus/Buddhist

Name of the festival: Maghe Sankranti 
When: end to the ill-omened month of Poush (mid-December)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: The holy month of Magh
Place of celebration: Hindus / Buddhist

Name of the festival: Shree Panchami 
When: Magh (January/February)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: birthday of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning
Place of celebration: all round Nepalese student

Name of the festival: Maha Shiva Ratri 
When: Fagun (February/March)
Duration: 1 night
Meaning: Lord Shiva's night
Place of celebration: Hindus people / Pashupatinath Temple

Name of the festival: Fagun Purnima (Holi)
When: late February or on early March
Duration: 7 days
Meaning: mythical demons Holika, it is a day when the feast of colours is celebrated.
Place of celebration: Kathmandu / Tarai part of Nepal

Name of the festival: Ghode Jatra 
When: Chaitra (March/April)
Duration: 1 day 
Meaning: Horse racing day
Place of celebration: Kathmandu

Name of the festival: Shree Ram Nawami 
When: Chaitra (March/April)
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: Lord Ram's Birthday
Place of celebration: Janaki temple in Janakpur city, which lies in southern Nepal

Name of the festival: Guru Purnima 
When: full moon day of the month June/July 
Duration: 1 day 
Meaning: teachers day and receive blessings from them

Place of celebration: All Nepal except Himalaya

Name of the festival: Lhosar 
When: February/March. 
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: Tibetan New Year
Place of celebration: Khumbu, Helambu and other northern regions of Nepal

Name of the festival: Rato Macchendranath Jatra
When: Begins on the full moon day of Baisakh
Duration: several days
Meaning: Worship for rain God
Place of celebration: Patan/ Kathmandu

Name of the festival: Mani Rimdu
When: Full moon of the 9th Tibetan month Feb/march
Duration: 3 days
Meaning: Rimdu is the biggest event of the year for the Sherpas
Place of celebration: Khumbu region Thyangboche Gompa

Name of the festival: Tamu Dhee
When: August
Duration: 1 day
Meaning: farm and farm animals from hostile elements
Place of celebration: Gurung People - Pokhara/ Gorkha/ Lamjung/Tanau

Name of the festival: Yomari Purni 
When: Full moon day of December
Duration: 1 day 
Meaning: Yomari is a confection of rice-flour dough shaped like fig and filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds
Place of celebration: Kathmandu city - Newari people