Pokhara celebrating Street Festival

Pokhara celebrating Street Festival

The Restaurant and bar Association Pokhara Nepal is organizing the 17th Street Festival in the Natural City Pokhara on the occasion of New Year 2016, which starts from 28 Dec. 2015 to 1 Jan. 2016. The Association Pokhara has been organizing the five days even since 1999 to promote Pokhara as a New Year destination.

Nepal got lots of problem like earthquake and Indian blockade so, the interest of tourist toward our country is decreasing day by day which really hamper the business of tourism area like Pokhara. So to promote the tourism of Pokhara the Association declared that this festival must be celebrated to make tourist confirm that Pokhara is safe for stay.

The slogan of this street festival is Sadakmai Khau, Sadakmai Nachau, Sadakmai Ramau, that means eat in the road, dance in the road, joyful in the road.
On this festival will be decorated beautifully from the gate of Ambott Gaurighat and end with Dhikopatan Lakeside, where street festival will organized nearly 3 KM distance. In this street festival mainly different national folk song, custom, dohori geet, food fest, panche Baje, Newari Dance, Lakhe Dance, Gurung Dance, Tibitian Dance, Vajan, Thakali Khana, Magar Kauda, Tharu stick Dance will be shown to promote our culture among the international country. We can also enjoy with different musical programs, concert and many more in street.

The main strip closes to traffic as restaurants set up tables on the road. It also has been organizing food festival at Lakeside of Pokhara for the test of varieties of food available in the restaurants. It helps in exposing the authentic Nepalese cuisine to the people. It provides good hospitability to the visitor which increases positive vibes on them.

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