About Asian Hiking Team

The Asian Hiking Team is a local trekking agency which comprises a young, energetic and knowledgeable management team, advisers and travel consultants with up to date travel organization services. We are well known government licensed companies in Nepal and are a member of NTB (Nepal Tourism Board), TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), VITOF-Nepal (Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal), and KEEP (Kathmandu Environment Educational Program).

The Asian Hiking Team’s slogan is “Specialized for Adventure Tour”. We organize Adventure tours in Nepalese Himalaya. Adventure activities with some potential for physical risk, such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, Peak climbing, snow climbing, rock climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports.

Asian Hiking Team lead adventure tours, adventure tours combined with sightseeing, hiking, trekking, cultural treks, celebrate the festival, local home stay, Paragliding, Mountain flight natural tour etc. Adventure Peak climbing or Expedition also includes, upon arrival you can go sightseeing, celebrate the festival, culture programs continue trekking to base camp then summit the peak those all activities are combined.

Asian Hiking Team seeks to make a difference, not benefit from the beautiful country and cultures of our tours, but actively tries to give something back to them. A trip is what drives all of our guides, and especially travels in the mountainous regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. Our guides are hikers, skiers and climbers, and have undergone several years of training and assessment. Above all, have chosen an occupation that allows them to be passionate about what everybody does.

Asian Hiking Team is one of the Top Ten agencies since one decade among the resource members in contributing revenue through the issuance of climbing permits from Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Six positions in 2018 and eight positions in 2017. Our Team has been 20 years experience in the field of travels, tours and adventure business. All our leaders or guides have learned their trade from the bottom up, i.e. they  worked as porters first. The feedback from our customers encourages Asian Hiking Team proudly that your satisfaction is guaranteed by us.

The Asian Hiking Team is also helping remote areas in the development of Education, Health and Environment awareness. Two percent of the profit's from Asian Hiking Team goes into the welfare fund for this purpose. We are also stanch to the environmental and cultural preservation measures in our program areas.

The Asian Hiking Team is proud to share a variety of adventure tours and sightseeing activities includes short and long trekking, historical and cultural tours, trekking peak climbing, mountaineering, water rafting, mountain biking, Jungle safari tour, hotel reservation, Mountain flights within Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The agency certification that your travel holiday becomes an experience of your lifetime as well as we have believed that everyone has to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the astonishingly diverse country of the world.

Commitment to our staffs

We have excellent Trekking, touring, mountaineering, rafting, Safari guides with extensive background in outdoor activities. Everyone has in-depth knowledge of local culture and custom. Many of them go through a thorough training program on tourism and also have traveled extensively. Everyone knows how to help running smooth and safe trips appreciating the beauty of the Himalayas.

Commitment for Quality & Value

Our services are intended to offer quality and value for money, together with a rich, varied and a rewarding experience. We have built our reputation as the best travel agent in the country for the best service provider. Our prices of all the tours are highly competitive and unmatched with any other local tour operators.

Commitment for Accommodations

Almost all of the places where we organize various adventure tours & tea house treks we provide the best available accommodations. During the time that on the tea house trek we provide lodging with hot and cold running water and flush toilets, unique features in the mountains. Each lodge is superbly equipped and the trained chefs serve an array of regional cuisines.

Commitment for Transportation

Our transportation department provides A/c and non-A/c, large, mini coaches, Jeeps, Cars for groups and individual requirements. The chauffeurs and accompanying guides are polite, well behaved, highly experienced and trained. Everyone is well versed in the local areas and communicate in English and other foreign languages.

Commitment for Safety

All of our adventure trips are led by qualified guides who have been trained in first aid, basic and advanced mountaineering skills, environment and various others relate subject matters. We pay extra attention to all health concerns such as water and food. We are a member of the Keep, Himalayan Rescue Association.