Nepal passes Icao air safety audit

Nepal has passed a safety audit conducted by International Civil Aviation Organisation (Icao).

The passing of the audit has paved the way for lifting of Icao’s “significant safety concern” (SSC) tag imposed on the Nepal aviation industry in 2013.
A two-member expert team of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (Icao) had arrived in Nepal on July 2 to monitor the status of corrective measures taken by Nepal to address significant safety concerns (SSC) related to operations and other aspects of the civil aviation sector.

Icao monitors Nepal’s aviation safety oversight capabilities through the Icao Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM). The mission is generally invited by a state when it is fully confident that it has fully complied with the international safety standards.

In July 2013, an Icao mission visited Nepal to validate the corrective measures taken by the country to address the deficiencies pointed out by the global aviation watchdog in 2009. But having found detected several lapses during the on-site audit held from July 10-16, the UN supervisory body had given the significant safety concern (SSC) tag to Nepal’s aviation sector in its audit report in August 2013.

The European Commission (EC) blacklisted all Nepali carriers in December 2013 for the worst record of air safety oversight. Subsequently, the EC asked European operators and travel agents to inform European travellers who will have a right to reimbursement if they have booked a seat on a Nepali carrier as part of a journey to Nepal and decide not to use it.

Source: The Kathmandu Post, Photo by: ADB

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