Distribution Asian Hiking Team’s Scholarship

Asian Hiking Team distribution scholarship for Dalit students in remote area of Dhading district Baseri VDV wards no 8, Shree Shivalaya secondary School. Mr. Bibek Nepali from class 2, Ranjita Nepal class 6 and Pramit Nepali from class 2 have received the scholarship among the above 365 students. They have 72.5, 70.65 and 68.90 present marks respectively. The competition among the Dalit students who got high marks has selected scholarship program.

Directors meeting on Sunday 5th June 2015, decided welfare fund provide scholarship for three Dalit students in Shivalaya secondary School, Baseri -8, Dhading. Last year also AHT helped 2 students to provide scholarship programs in same school. This year the agency provides one more student for scholarship. According to director meeting was decided to give cash for scholarship NRs 1750 per person.

On the event, Principal Mt Ganesh Khatri told that kind of scholarship impress to study hard and they have competition between Dalit students. Now a day, the family member also wants to send school for their children than last few years. On his speech addressing for students, labor hard to get success.

The team leader of Asian Hiking Team said that scholarship programs encourage the Dalit Student not leave study. According few years school data, Dalit students are stopping to leave school. This is small help but I think that make s to study hard and not leave school.

Stop who leave school before finish school level and Dalit student get highest mark, said Leader Suman. AHT’s scholarship programs is keep continues others year because its help competition of student to get high mark to received scholarship.

Why Asian Hiking Team choice Dalit student? According to Hinduism Dalit means lower cast people who have no land, miner work people, less education. But now in Nepal no more cast system but still its effect in remote area of Nepal. Scholarship programs are running from the sole percent of company profit so it not enough to help many of them.

Since open company, is also helping remote areas in the development of Education, Health and Environment awareness. Some percentages of the profits from Asian Hiking Team go into the welfare fund for this purpose. Asian Hiking Team is a local trekking agency with up to date travel organization services.

Report by Prakash

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