How to Travel Safely regarding COVID-19

Traveling changes one’s atmosphere and pauses the daily grind, refreshing the mind, body and soul. Though the pleasure and planning for vacations was abruptly halted, life can, and will, return to normal at some point. In the meantime, start planning things into the future and learning ways to travel safely. The ability to go places might not be as far off as you think, depending on the type of travel you choose, and the provisions you take.

Several tourism departments and the NTB have issued protocols regarding COVID-19 safety-travel tips. To give you a complete run-through of the most crucial factors to consider (that extend beyond just germs), check out these essential tips for keeping your body, mind, and soul healthy while traveling.

Test Yourself First

First, ensure you’re not a carrier of COVID-19. Medical tests are essential for the protection of those around you. Anyone exhibiting minimal signs of any illness cannot travel from one region to another. If you’re awaiting your test results or have been declared virus-free post-pandemic, then you have to submit the paperwork to be confirmed a safe passenger.

Pack All Essentials

Long journeys and detours require proper planning and preparation. To be on the safe side, always go through the requirements of the chosen destination. Based on the research, make a list of all the essentials your trip needs. In addition to seasonal clothing, surplus money, first aid, medications, legal identification documents, and safety kits, all of your supplements like probiotics, multivitamins, and immune boosters like zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D. Make sure to carry extra face masks too. Road trips make it easy to socially distance. Also, consider games and crafts! Happy travelers, especially kids, make the experience much more fun.

Complete Your Sleep Series

Sleep reboots and restores the body. Traveling often affects circadian rhythm and creates sleep difficulties. This leaves your immune system vulnerable, something we all need to avoid during the virus outbreak.
Make sure you are well rested for at least eight hours every day to compensate for the extra energy you expend while on vacation. Plan your excursions without disturbing the cycle. Bring a sleep mask, melatonin or magnesium and any other sleep assistance you might require.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Try and balance food intake while traveling. Our food choices have a major impact on energy and our immune system. Maintain the 80/20 rule. 80% of your meals should be pretty healthy, while the other 20% can be frivolous and fun.
Perhaps even more important is maintaining hydration. And it goes without the saying that over-consuming alcohol is a big no-no if you want to feel good, avoid hangovers and really travel safely. Also, as an additional precaution during COVID-19 times, avoid buying food from places that attract a massive number of customers.

Exercise and Meditation

One of the most significant benefits of outdoor travel is that it provides plenty detox, thus, nurturing your spiritual and physical sides. Moving your body in different climates and areas is also good for your emotional health. Soaking in a little vitamin D while clearing your head makes the vacation all about personal restoration. If you travel to escape the daily chore and only go to sleep and veg-out, consider at least a 20-minute walk per day outside.
For additional stress relief (because honestly, who right now doesn’t need a break from that?), try adding in a short meditation practice in an open space or tranquil setting. Stress also lowers our protection. So to travel safely, incorporate de-stressing activities that help while on vacation, but also upon your return.

Minimize Electronics

Phones and social media are basically appendage extensions. However, to truly soak in every ounce of your journey, set your phone aside. After being quarantined with absolutely nothing but our mobile phones and virtual buddies, everyone needs a social media detox. Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ and only use it for emergencies. Set aside 20 minutes per day for urgent emails, but just say ‘NO’ to flashy hashtags, selfish and status updates.

Clean & Sanitize

Most of us keep hand sanitizer in our purses and use foam cleanser around the clock. Maintaining this routine is the key to safety at home, and while traveling. Buy some extra toiletries, soaps, and sanitizers to take along with you. Pack enough clothes so that you don’t have to wear anything twice (unless you can launder them). When flying, or taking a bus or train, bring sanitizing wipes for your chair and tray. When you get to your hotel room or Airing, wipe down surfaces like counter tops, knobs and remote controls. And, shower at the end of every day.


Some people say it is safer to travel now than before the world was shaken by the corona virus because sanitation is at an all-time high. Just because things feel precarious doesn’t mean you cannot fantasize about traveling, or even plan a trip, provided you use all the steps to travel safely. Bring extra masks and sanitizers. Wipe things down. Keep your body healthy, de-stressed and well rested. Eat well, like we teach in Phase it Up. Hydrate. Use self-care tips like walking in nature and meditating. It may take some time to return to normal, but our new normal can include a bit of travel if you take precautions. We all need a little something to look forward to these days. Part of our sadness comes from ruined plans, canceled vacations and missing friends and family. But at long as you’re safe, you can, and should, be open to small, safe adventures.

By Team 131 Method

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