Adventure Sports of Nepal

The country known as Nepal is a conglomeration of as many very different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures as it is a bio geographic region. Nepal is a country of amazing expresses, something for everybody tourist, trekkers, river runner, wildlife enthusiast, poet, artist, scholar or the weary in search of a personal “Shangri-la”. Not only climbing mountain, we have many various activities for adventure tourists.

Nepal offers you numbers of sports opportunities adventurously whether it is the Bungee Jump in the deep George of 160 meters height in Bhotekoshi river bank, 90 Km from Kathmandu city, Mountain biking in natural path over ride of Himalaya, Paragliding over crossing the Himalayan in Pokhara, Mountain flight where eye chatting view over 100 peaks on ones time, Kayaking or rafting in fast running rivers, Marathon start from high spot in Everest Base camp, Elephant race in Sauraha Chitwan, honey bee hunting in remote jungle. So that Asian Hiking Team arrangement those adventure trips in Nepal, specially Bungee jump, Paragliding, mountain flight, mountain biking, marathon run, rafting and kayaking, elephant race, honey bee hunting is best for voyager.