Increasing Mountaineering Expedition in 2012

Increasing Mountaineering Expedition in 2012

In this spring season mountaineering expedition Team are very increasing than last year spring. According to the Tourist Industry Division; 99 mountaineering team have issued permit in this year spring season until Sunday (29th April). But last year have only 92 teams have had issued permits.
Thirty two teams have issued permit to climb Mt Everest similarly sixty seven teams have issued other Himalayas. Last year to climb Mt Everest only twenty six teams have had issued permit. In the Everest expedition three hundred forty one climbers are going to climb among thirty two teams and four hundred thirty four climbers are going to climb others Himalayas. Mt Dhawalagiri is second numerous of climbers after Everest in this spring.

Nepal government has not charge royalty three Everest Expedition Nepalese teams. So that total from 96 teams, Rs. 19, 53, 65,000 Nepalese Rupee have received as royalty. Only royalty from Mt Everest Expedition Rs. 17,01,85,000.

Spring season is the best time to climb Himalayas so that Nepal government has also charge more royalty on this time. The royalty of Mt Everest from South-east side is the highest than others side as US$ 25,000 per person, US$ 40, 000 for two persons, US$ 48,000 for 3 persons, US$ 56,000 for 4 persons, US$ 60,000 for 5 persons, US$ 66,000 for 6 persons, US$ 70,000 for 7 persons, and more than 7 person up to 15th US$ 10,000 per person. Except South-east side US$ 15,000 for one person, up to 7 persons need to pay US$ 50,000 in total and more than 7 person US$ 10,000 per person additional.

To Expedition others Himalayas above 8000 meters the royalty is US$ 5000 per person and till to 7 persons have US$ 10,000. If more than 7 persons add per person US$ 1500 till to 15 person. Above 7,500 meters to 8000 meters mountain royalty is US$ 2000 for one person and up to 7 persons US$ 4,000. If more than 7 persons than per additional per person US$ 500 up to 15 persons. To climb on autumn season the royalty is half than spring season in every mountain. Nepal Tourism Industry division have open three hundred sixty two mountain issue permit but till now one hundred ten mountain have no body have issue permit to climb.

Everest Summiteers Karsang died on Everest Base camp

On April 18th, ten-times Everest summiteers Karsang Namgyal, the elder song of illustrious climber Ang Rita Sherpa died due to altitude sickness in Everest Base Camp (5,300m).
He did not appear to be sick or have any physical problems before Wednesday morning, when he complained of uneasiness and later died, Dambar Parajuli, who organized Namgyal’s expedition, told. Karsang was leading a team of 11th mountaineers, including three Iranians and a German. The team had left Kathmandu on April 10.

Buddha Airlines Launches Kathmandu Varanasi fight

Buddha Air one of the main private airlines in Nepal has launched programmed flight on the Kathmandu Varanasi-Kathmandu sector.

According to the airline, it is planning to operate weekly Sunday, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays flights on this route.

The operation of service on the route is expected to help promote religious tourism between Nepal and Varanasi and other neighboring cities in India.
The airline will also focus on business and education sectors. Travelers from India, Nepal and other nationals will reap benefits from the service.

German Nepal Friendship Manaslu Larky Pass Trekking Return

Three members of German Team deployed by Asian Hiking Team or the exploration of Mansulu Larkya Pass Trekking in Gorkha district returned Kathmandu on March 26, 2012.

Arne Eitzen, leader of the Team, said t “Mountain views and unique culture and lifestyle of Gurungs are the major attractions in the route,” said, adding: “SamaGaun in Manaslu offers magnificent views of mountains, cultural peoples and plateau of Tibets.

There are excellent camping sites throughout the route and people have developed home stay facilities even in basic tea house in most of the villages or place. “We found the locals want to build guesthouses and lodges with facilities,” one of the member said. He further added that the trekking is the one of the great treks in Nepal even hard to down from Larky pass. The Team had representatives of Asian Hiking Team and German University Student groups.

Similarly, Guide Jit Tamang from Asian Hiking Team, Nepal leader said that our Manaslu Larya pass trekking was wonderful. The all members are funny, natural lover and share our Nepalese culture each other very commonly.