Hygienic Jaari Puri journey in Bandipur

We have planned to go Bandipur on day 08, on 6th January 2013 from Barpak. We need to take local jeep to come Baluwa 2 hours driving by jeep or 3 hours trekking before Barpak and than need to change two / three local bus to reach Bandipur. One day before we have planned to took Jeep so the Jeep owner said us to arrive before 5 AM. It was challenging day for us to get up early morning because of the Local wine working until morning and the off road driving was adventure. The Ladies from Barpak, she called us at 3.45AM, so early. She cooked the millet bread with boil egg for us. I have took one egg and get ready as well as my friend Eugenia have took two boil egg and one bread early morning with hot tea. We are so lucky we found seat nearby diver. We have very fantastic remember in Barpak. Bye the way, the Jeep which we took was came directly to 12 Kilo, near Gorkha Bazaar so decided to come with same Jeep to 12 Kilo. After waiting few minutes, have a short lunch veg. Chaumin and tea, ohoo I forget through some pie also hahaaaa then take bus to Dumre. The bus from Dumre to Bandipur is very small and short seat. Many people were waiting to go Bandipur. We have not seat just hanging on the bus. Unfortunately, we found the seat but the seat is “Auto Size” we are American size, hahaaaaaaaaaaa, Anyway we would managed.
We have planned to stay two nights in Bandipur. On the day 8 we explore the Badipur village, view point and tried Newari local wine and newari Khaja sate food. The local wine in Bandipur also very interesting after making boil with butter, we call “JhaiKhattya”. One jar is enough for both of us. Day 9, or Jan 7, we planned to visit Ramkot. After breakfast, we started walk around 8.20 O’clock. On the way, we met the student who was coming from Ramkot to Bandipur. We have tried the pub corn on the way. The pub corn ladies want to sell pub corn but we have heavy breakfast then before so we just tried it and took some pub corn picture and continues walk to Ramkot. All the local people were planning to go farm or collecting grass or wood in jungle so we met many local heading to jungle. The interesting to visit that village the tropical Nepalese stale house, the corn-pyramid, the local custom, the par anomic of mountain view etc. We have lunch local potatoes and local beer. I have tried those potatoes before but from that village was very delicious. Finally, we return to Bandipur. After few minutes rest in Peepal Chautari Hotel in Bandipur, than we decided to drink cup of tea and Jaari puri. “Eugenia” coming far from Costa Rica, she loved Jaari Puri. End of the Bazaar, there is one sweet house where we can found Jaari Puri. Jaari Puri and Tea was our Tiffin that day. When we seat and taking Jaari Puri two of the man also came this shop. There was seating near us and order one milk and one black Tea. The old and fat guy said us “HYGIENIC JAAREE PURI” Hygienic Jari Puri…………….Eugenia said I like jaari Puri than he said “Hygienic jaari Puri”. He is speaking in English and pressing the Jaaree is hygienic so you can eat as you like. He was teacher in Bandipur School and he used to eat and drink that shop many years before. At same time, one of the guy “fish man” came and selling the fish. He can’t specked English but he is calling “ I am Pakistan butcher “ , “I am Pakistan butcher “ I have fish, you want to buy???? He was selling the fish bring from India more than one month, and running whole day is the remote village to selling. He never been in Pakistan but he said I am Pakistan butcher. He want take a picture with fish so we have picture with fish man. After we finished our delicious Jaaree Puri, say hello to “Hygienic Jaaree Puri man and return to Hotel. By Suman with Eugenia