Gorkha Barpak Home Stay Trekking

Gorkha Barpak Home Stay Trekking

Barpak village is located upon the hilltop about 1900 meter high from sea level at the north of Gorkha approximately 47 KM away from Gorkha Bazaar. Barpak is famous as the village of late VC Capt. Gage Gael, who won the highest honors Victoria Cross medal in the Second World War in Burma. He was also decorated with Nepal Tara by the late King of Nepal. There is a local myth that there was a Ghale king who ruled Barpak and surroundings Gorkaha.

It used to be a trail for salt traded between Tibetans and Newars of Kathmandu in the early day of 1400 BC. During the unification campaign, led by the Shah dynasty of Nepal by king Drabya Shah and Prithibi Narayan Shah they called Gael King for peace talk and was believed to be tricked and mapped out in animals on the sandy bank of Daraudi River. Barpak has nearly 1200 households and nearly 15 thousand population mainly with Gale and Gurung tribes. There are small numbers of Kami, Damai and Sunar in the village serving the community from generation after generation.

Barpak has sole historical significance despite its isolation from mainstream politics and bustling city. Its breathtaking natural beauty has melted so many hearts and drawn so many people from around the world. It has been visited by German chancellor Dr. Roman Herzog in early 1997. The unique sloppy shape of the village with clustered stone tile-roofed houses is believed to be the reason behind main attractions for the people wishing to visit Barpak once they have seen pictures of Barpak. A backpack is one of the stopover village routes of trekking around Manaslu. Peak has attracted countless tourists with its genuine hospitality of and natural beauty.

The 7.8 magnitude Earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April 2015 which center point was in Barpak has left a terrible trail of death, destruction and desperation, unsurpassed in the history of Barpak. The latest statistics show that over 68 people lost their lives, many sustained injuries, nearly 1000 houses collapsed and around 6,000 people displaced from their homes. The earthquake has further caused a devastating blow to Nepal’s fledgling economy with tremendous losses in terms of property, assets and infrastructures. It is a very basic home stay now and many of the houses are going to be rebuilt so that one of the unique ways to help Barpak people and Nepal in this difficult time seems to be by visiting Barpak. Because whatever you spend on your visit will directly benefit Barpaki people, who are living in remote villages and who have suffered the most. 

Day by day itinerary

Day 01: Kathmandu to Gorkha by tourist coach, overnight guest house/hotel.

Day 02: Gorkha Bazaar to Barpak by 4-wheel drive/bus 4–5 hours, overnight Home stays in Barpak.

Day 03: Explore the Barpak village, overnight Home stay.

Day 04: Barpak to Kathmandu or Pokhara by Bus 8–10 hours, transfer to hotel.