Food in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is known for 3 things, Dal Bhat, MOMO and Newari Khaja – oh wait and the local wine! I have had Dal Bhat and Momo at a few in Thamel Kathmandu and they have always been good. In fact the best Dal Bhat I have ever had were in a Kathmandu Thakali Bhojanalaya, and considering my roots near the Thamel I don’t award that compliment lightly.

While I only had 5 overnight in Kathmandu I was determined to try local food in local restaurant the Dal Bhat and Newari Khaja and asked for a recommendation when I checked in. Armed with a map I made my way through the Naya Bazar streets of Kathmandu (near Thamel) and found myself in what seemed to be the Nayabazar Road of Dal Bhat and Momo.

Although I was a bit worried to eat in a non tourist area it was getting late so I set down to order for the Rs. 240 deal of Dal Bhat, Momo & Local wine. It was disappointing; it could possibly be the worst I have ever had. The Dal Soup and Bhat shells were not cleaned well so when cooked the grit seeped into the shell. They seemed to be cooked in celery, onion, parsley and tarragon but were flavorless.
So bad I deleted the photo of the food! I’m sorry I can’t give you a recommendation for food in Local restaurant in kathmandu but I can tell you to MoMO & Newari Khaja are the best.

Michal Stringer