Dipawali Festival

Dipawali Festival

Nepali festival Tihar is also known by many names such as Dipawali or Bhai Tika or Laxmi Puja or as a festival of lights. There is a five-day festival, which comes soon after the Dashain Festival, and Tihar is all about worshiping of different animals such as crow, dog, cow, Ox and worshiping of the Hindu Goddess of wealth or prosperity (Goddess Laxmi), and cooking great meals at home, brothers and sisters shopping for gifts, flying kites, decorating homes and streets, playing cards with friends, resting and relaxing, and finally ending the festival with an exchange of a special temporary mark on forehead (tika in Nepali). The last day of the festival is known as Tika day or commonly known as Bhai Tika day (Bhai in Nepali means Brother).

To sum up Diwali festival, Tihar is the festival when sisters wish a long life to their brothers (Bhai). Diwali is a festival for brothers and sisters, but What if you are a brother without a sister or a sister without a brother. Well, you can make one of your relatives close to you in your relatives. If nothing works, you find one among your friends and neighbors, it becomes almost as if it was real. There is a festival of sisters wishing a long life to their brothers. 

10 Nov 2020 - Day 01:  - Arrive in Kathmandu, overnight in hotel.

11 Nov 2020 - Day 02:  - sightseeing around Kathmandu.

12 Nov 2020 - Day 03:  - Kathmandu to Jamrung, overnight at home stay, 4 hrs drive and 1 hrs Trek.

13 Nov 2020 - Day 04:  - Trek to Kintang Phedi, overnight at home stay, 5.30 hours.

14 Nov 2020 - Day 05:  - Trek to Ganga Jamuna, overnight at home stay, 5 hrs.

15Nov 2020 - Day 06:  - Trek to Baseri 3 hours, overnight at home stay.

16 Nov 2020 - Day 07:  - Celebration of the greatest day of the festival.

17 Nov 2020 - Day 08:  - Trek to Arughat Bazar 4 hours, overnight at home stay.

18 Nov 2020 - Day 09: - Drive to Kathmandu by bus 5/6 hours, transfer to hotel.

19 Nov 2020 - Day 10:  - Another trip or fly onward.